Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Getting my lead back

Well, my lead's gradually returning after my salsa-free fortnight in France. It's very frustrating how little time it takes to lose it. I'm OK on most moves, but I have a few moves that rely on the lead being spot on in terms of timing and impetus, and at the moment they just don't work:(

Heavy week at the moment. I nearly didn't go out last night but I went to O'Neills as it was going to be my last opportunity for a few days. I was very glad I did: I had a really nice, relaxed Cuban-style dance with a woman who I've been dancing CBL style with for years, and then Misael called a couple of ruedas that were huge fun (and that I didn't mess up completely). Went home smiling.

This weekend it's Billy Cobham and Asere in St David's Hall (yes, there is space to dance) and competing with it there's the Claverton Rooms in Bath.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Back in business

Risa was really busy last night - everyone seems to be back. First dance with Patricia for what seems like months, which was great.

Stellan said he was going to bring loads of people from Bristol and he certainly did, including Lisa who I haven't danced with for ages. Inexplicably I didn't get round to dancing with her, but I did dance with her lovely mum Jane who I hadn't danced with for even longer.

Great music, particularly later on with Stevie playing extended Latin jazz tracks. Trouble was I was running out of steam by then - I was tired (I'd stayed an hour later than planned) and my legs didn't want to co-operate after some fast cycling earlier in the day. I'd had a long ride in to work on my nice new road bike and on the way home I'd passed a guy on a mountain bike who'd decided to treat it as a challenge. Yes, he was half my age and riding slicks (fast smooth tyres) but it would still have been embarrassing if I'd let him past.

Probably won't be out much next week for work reasons but the week after I'm intending to keep Friday free so I can stay late and have a lie in.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Billy Cobham and Asere

Jazz musicians have been fascinated by the rhythms of Cuban music since at least the 1940s, when be-bop star Dizzy Gillespie formed a band which included Afro-Cuban drummer Chano Pozo. This time it's the other way round: jazz drummer Billy Cobham - who's worked with greats including Miles Davies – is collaborating with modern Cuban son band Asere.

They're playing St David's Hall on October 4th. There's a dancefloor, and a discount (£12.50 instead of £16) for salsa dancers who quote 'Salsa Attender' when they book. Should be an interesting evening.

St David's Hall event page

Billy Cobham and Asere on Myspace

Friday, September 19, 2008

Tonight's party with Helena and Nicolai

Change of venue - it will now be in the Tabu night club just around the corner in Westgate Street.

Migraine again

Damn. First night in Risa for four weeks and the migraine hit before I'd even had one dance. Second one in three weeks - I think it might be due to my nice new road bike encouraging me to cycle a lot harder than usual. The first one came when I followed two hot hours of cycling up long French hills by jumping into a cold swimming pool - I doubt if that's going to get my much sympathy ;)

Migraines mess up my dancing for several days so I'm not going to get to Irene and Shahid's party night at Pure on Saturday. They have Helena and Nicolai as guest teachers. I've been to a few of their classes (including at their home base in Leeds). They teach some great moves and, unlike some dancing partnerships, you get the woman's perspective articulately expressed. My only criticism would be that their sequences are usually a bit too long - but it's well worth going.

Thursday, September 18, 2008


Just heard that Sabina's moving her and Misael's Tuesday night class to Barocco. There's a slight change to class times as well: rueda is now 9.30-10.15pm, instead of starting at 10, which is good as it means you can do the class and some dancing afterwards without getting home too late midweek. Free dancing until 11.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


It's a shame that Kate's class in Barocco has ended, due to her other commitments rather than a lack of punters - it was proving popular. Despite that, Cuban salsa is getting a lot more common in Cardiff after years of domination by LA-style, with Sabina and Miseal's nights, and Misael's input to O'Neills. I didn't get back from France until 2am on Monday morning thanks to a ferry calculation, but I still made it last night. Misael and Charlotte were teaching chachachá and it was proper Cuban style (on one), none of that on 2 ballroom stuff. It'll be good if more people learn to dance it on one as that's the only way I know how to do it.

Plenty of nice dancers there; I joined in the rueda and stayed later than planned.


Kate's Wednesday night classes at Barocco have now ended.