Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Brussels etc

I didn't actually get to the You club, which is the Sunday afternoon salsa in Brussels - I slept through it after early starts for work on Saturday and Sunday morning (and checking out the Belgian beer on Saturday night). But I got to La Tentation that night. It's a big warehouse near Place St Catherine. Rubbish floor (tiles, uneven in places), very hot, and a variable standard of dancing - but the music, the sound system and the atmosphere were really good and it was friendly. Unlike my experience in Madrid, here the dancers really engaged with plenty of eye contact and humour. I had a few really exciting dances and left on a high just after midnight as it was winding down. I was tempted to head over to Matonge, the African quarter, to check out the Congolese clubs, but decided - probably wisely - to leave that for my next visit and to round off the night with a glass of Kwak (great beer that comes in a wacky glass) instead.

Kate’s running another charity salsa party at the County Hall Staff Club off Schooner Way. I couldn’t go to the last one but heard very good reports about it. £5 advance, £6.50 on door (Risa this Thursday is your last chance for advance tickets).

Another diary date – Irene is teaching ladies’ styling June 10th and 27th and 4th July in Vitality Fitness Club above Henry’s in Park Place – starts 10am, cost £5 a class.

Finally, don't forget that Barrio Beatz is now weekly from this Thursday.

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Linda Margaret said...

We're going to La Temptation tonight! Thanks for the info and recommendation.