Monday, September 27, 2010

Saturday nights

Had a great time in La Tasca the weekend before last, even in Miss Feisty's absence. Made up for that by meeting up at Super Salsa Saturday, Stevie's monthly event in Bristol, this week. Good things about it: cheap, nice music, good coffee, enough light for her to read her book. (Her new tactic for staying out of trouble: read a book and guys won't ask you to dance, so you can choose who you dance with and avoid obvious idiots who will need to be put in their place. It seemed to work...) Another good thing: loads of space. Bad thing: reason for the space is that there weren't many people there, though it started picking up later. I didn't recognise any of the Bristol crowd who come to Cardiff. Apparently it clashed with a music festival in Bristol. I had lots of nice dances with Miss F, and several dances with appreciative locals (one woman who I danced with early on came up to me at the end and told me I was a 'fantastic dancer', haven't had a compliment like that for a while). It's also pretty easy to get to being in North Bristol.

Can't make La Tasca this Saturday (working in Caernarfon all day, won't be back til late) but I'm going to try and make the following weekend - Núria's in town for the weekend and should be there.

Monday, September 06, 2010

New floors and things

I was glad I went to O'Neills Friday night event - there were several people there who I hadn't danced with for ages (Lizzie, Teresa and Miranda among others). The new floor is good and the music was OK as well, though the night took a long time to get going. Next time I won't bother turning up before 10.

Not so impressed with the floor in the Music Hall: they haven't finished it so I'm hoping it will be better than it was on Thursday. I was going down with a cold (as was Andy) which was a shame - I got asked to dance by several of my favourite dancers but my dancing was rubbish. The cold is worse this week so I might give this Thursday a miss.

Good news is that Miss Feisty looks like being in the UK until at least Christmas, which should mean more nights of terpsichorean silliness in La Tasca to liven up the gloomy winter nights :)

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Sabina's class

Sabina's Thursday night Cuban class has now moved permanently from Las Havanas to La Tasca, starting tonight. Classes are a bit earlier as well (beginners 7pm). So you can now dance Cuban-style three nights running in La Tasca.