Monday, July 12, 2010


Last Thursday was great. Mauricio's lesson had nice leadable moves and very clear teaching. I'm tempted to try and get up to Birmingham for some more. The only real problem was that the class was very crowded, which made back-to-back moves a matter of trying to dodge flailing elbows. The dancer who provides the white powder than enhances one's enjoyment of the evening* had the right idea, having found a clear spot in the corner.

The event also brought out several of my favourite dancers. That, combined with well-paced DJing, made for a really good night with a succession of enjoyable dances (and a couple of memorable ones).

*Talcum powder, in case you were wondering

Monday, July 05, 2010

Mauricio Reyes

Popular Birmingham teacher Mauricio Reyes (Latinmotion) is teaching the advanced class and DJing at Music Hall on Thursday. Should be good.

O'Neills closing

Tonight is the last Monday night in O'Neills - it's being refurbished throughout July. Salsadiccion are launching a new (Wednesday) night in August.

Thursday, July 01, 2010

Se prendre un râteau

Further to David's comment on the first Paris post, there's actually been a long thread on the SalsaFrance forum on unfriendly salseras in Paris (from which I learnt a useful French idiom, "se prendre un râteau" - to get turned down). The thread had quite a lot of harsh comments on the behaviour of some dancers in Paris (and the WAGG, which I enjoyed, came in for particular criticism).

I have to say that, while I did get turned down three or four times in Barrio Latino both times I've been there, I generally found dancers friendlier and had better interaction/eye contact than in Madrid. Personally I'd much rather be turned down than dance with an unwilling partner.

I also had a few refusals the first time I went to Brussels, though most people were OK (the second time I went to a bar where most of the dancers were Congolese, and very welcoming).